Zebrafish Core Facility

The zebrafish (Danio rerio) is an important model organism for studies of vertebrate biology.

Traditionally used by developmental biologists, zebrafish are also useful for modeling a wide variety of human diseases and for screening small molecules for pharmacological function or toxicity.

The goal of our core facility is to enable access to the zebrafish model system for local research groups.

Our service offers various experimental methods such as embryo microinjection, the preparation, treatment and imaging of embryos and larvae, genome editing or transgenesis projects and quantification of larval swimming behaviour. We can provide aquarium space for zebrafish lines and sperm freezing and IVF to store and reactivate lines. The core facility also has a biosafety level 2 laboratory for microbial infection and inhibition studies.

If you would like further information or plan to use the core facility services, please contact Richard Fish.

3 day-old zebrafish with transgenic expression of EGFP  in the heart and mCherry in the lens