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Faculty of Medicine Zebrafish Core Facility

The zebrafish (Danio rerio) is an important model organism for studies of vertebrate biology. Traditionally used by developmental biologists, zebrafish are also useful for modeling a wide variety of human diseases and for screening small molecules for pharmacological function or toxicity.

The zebrafish model has several key attributes:

  • Rapid external development that can be followed from the fertilized egg to a free swimming larvae in about 5 days.
  • Access to large numbers of fertilized eggs that can be microinjected.
  • Tools available for targeted mutagenesis, transgenesis and transient gene knock-downs.

The goal of our core facility is to enable access to the zebrafish model system for local research groups. To this end we offer a microinjection service, preparation of zebrafish embryo samples and a limited facility to house specific zebrafish strains. The first step towards using the zebrafish model is to contact the core facility so that we can discuss and plan an experiment.