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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)


Why is diversity, equity and inclusion important? 

• DEI teams have higher performance
• DEI is key for excellence. Research excellence is best achieved with less bias
• DEI is necessary for active learning. Learning organisations need a diverse and
psychologically safe environment to thrive
• DEI is key for social sustainability
• A DEI society is a caring society
• A caring society is key for a sustainable future
• Everyone benefits from a DEI society
• Social sustainability (DEI) and environmental sustainability are closely linked
• Different viewpoints bring innovation
• A respectful environment is better for all
• Variety is the spice of life

Our DEI goals:

• Foster a diverse, equitable, inclusive working environment
• Educate ourselves on why diversity is important
• Foster a fair evaluation process
• Analyse and understand diversity within our department
• Help extending childcare solutions for our department
• Extend paternity leave at UNIGE
• Promote gender balance in our department
• Rise awareness on intersectionality
• Promote understanding of cultural differences
• Promote a psychologically safe environment
• Share personal experiences of role models
• Enrich our library with DEI resources
• Foster true appreciation of diversity
• Foster an harassment-free environment
• Offer support to victims of harassment
• Promote cascade mentorship (Prof - Postdoc - PhD - Master)
• Stimulate integration and feeling of belonging in our department
• To respect, and feel respected

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