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Far away secrets unveiled - Hubble and Spitzer space telescopes “spy” one of the youngest galaxies in the Universe

Press release EPFL + UniGE (7 february 2014)

Even the most distant galaxies cannot escape astronomers’ reach. The images obtained thanks to the Hubble and  Spitzer space telescopes have contributed to a better understanding of the process of galaxy genesis. A team made  of members from EPFL and the University of Geneva, associated with French, American and Spanish researchers, reports its initial findings.


Image of the distant galaxy, named Y1, disovered behind the galaxy cluster Abell 2744.  The photometric redshift of the galaxy is z~8.0, placing it at approximately 13 billion lightyears. The galaxy is thus seen as it was 650 million years after the Big Bang, providing a unique view on galaxy formation in the early Universe, during the so-called phase of cosmic reionization.

Associated groups/researchers :

  • Daniel SCHAERER - UniGE: main web page, contact
  • Hakim ATEK, Jean-Paul KNEIB - EPFL
  • Nicolas LAPORTE, A. Streblyanska, Ismael Pérez-Fournon, P. Martinez-Navajas, R. Marques-Chaves -IAC
  • Frédéric BOONE, Roser Pelló -IRAP
  • Johan RICHARD - CRAL
  • Benjamin CLEMENT, Eiichi EGAMI - Tucson

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Feb 7, 2014

Press Releases