• PhD and Master thesis opportunities
Different subjects of work are available for a thesis in IceCube or on gamma-rays or on photosensors. The work maybe more focused on data analysis or experimental measurements in laboratory. 
Some of the subjects that can be covered are:
- Search for neutrino bursts in coincidence with flares from black holes or gamma-ray bursts;
- Search for Supernova Pevatrons with IceCube and foreseen signals in CTA
- Atmospheric Neutrinos with IceCube
- Setting up the first data analyses of CTA telescopes and their pipeline of data 
- Big data algorithms for gamma-ray astronomy
- Measurements of performance of SiPMs and new technology Silicon Photomultipliers development
- developing an outreach imaging telescope at UniGE
Inquire on available posts to Prof teresa.montaruli(at)unige.ch
  • Internships and training opportunities for master & bachelor students are always available especially for summer months

Contact : Prof teresa.montaruli(at)unige.ch