Our group offers the possibility to work on PhD theses in several fields, especially in a wide range of topics covering our main expertise in high-energy astroparticle physics.

Some example of PhD theses currently under development and recently finished are reported in the following. 

 Ongoing phD Theses 

- Francesco Lucarelli: Neutrino multi-flare time-dependent point-source searches with IceCube

- Luis David Medina Miranda: Low level characterisation of scintillating fibres on the SciFi detector for the µ3e experiment. Development of a SiPM camera for large size gamma-ray telescopes


COMpleted PhD Theses

University of Geneva:


Cyril Alispach: Maximum Likelihood Estimation: a Method for Calibration, Reconstruction and Data Analysis of Cherenkov Telescopes, Dec 4, 2020


- Steve Njoh Ekoume: Development of a small Cherenkov camera for UHE cosmic rays and CTA data analysis, Nov 2019

- Tessa Carver: Neutrino Point-like source searches with IceCube (earned the Wurth 2 price of the Science Faculty, see this page), 15 April 2019

- Rameez MohammedIceCube searches for neutrinos from dark matter annihilations in the Sun and cosmic accelerators. Université de Genève, 2016. Laureate of the Chipp Prize 2016.

- Asen ChristovMulti-Messenger studies with the IceCube DetectorUniversité de Genève, 2016.


University of Wisconsin-Madison:

- Jon DummPoint-source searches with IceCube. 2011, UW-Madison.

Mike BakerTime dependent searches with IceCube. 2011, UW-Madison.