Inauguration of the Center for Visual Immersion

The Center for Visual Immersion (CVI) was inaugurated on September 12, 2022. Before opening the CVI to the public in the coming weeks, this event allowed the academic authorities and friends of the University of Geneva, without whom the CVI would not have been possible, to meet in a very small group.

Those present were able to test, for the first time, the different equipment of the CVI, such as headset devices and an immersive chamber, one of the largest in Europe and the first of its kind in Geneva.

The mission of the CVI is to offer researchers and students virtual and augmented reality experiences that allow them to immerse themselves in three-dimensional images for an intuitive and original understanding of biological structures and their organizational principles. If these immersive visualization technologies offer an innovative approach to research and teaching, they are also a very attractive communication tool for the transfer of knowledge to a large audience...

14 Sept 2022

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