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Registration procedure (Annex to the Regulation)

Registration to a master degree is only possible after having found a master work supervisor. The student has to get in touch him/herself with a potential supervisor according to his/her interest for a given discipline and the possibilities of supervision.

The master work supervisor must be a professor or MER of the Section of Biology. CCs and CEs with PhD degree can also be authorized by the president to supervise or sponsor  a master work (see below).

Students are allowed to perform their master work in a laboratory outside the Section of Biology (example: Faculty of Medicine CMU, HUG) with the agreement of the Section’s presidency. In that case, a sponsor acting as responsible for the Section of Biology has to be found. This sponsor must be a professor or MER (or CC/CE as indicated above) of the Section of Biology.

The sponsor of the Section of Biology ensures both that the academic environment of the host laboratory is appropriate and that the subject proposed to the student for his/her master work fulfills the criteria of the Section of Biology. The sponsor or his/her Department can request a written project description before accepting the sponsorship. The sponsor checks and cosigns the final evaluation of the master thesis.

If the master in biology is done with a particular option, the choice of the thesis supervisor or sponsor may be restricted.

The registration form for the master work must be brought to the Secretariat for students of the Section of Biology with all signatures by the official start of the 1st semester of the master, at the latest.

The registration form is checked by the Secretariat for students (credits, courses in relation to the master work, etc) and signed by the presidency of the Section.

Copies of the registration form are sent back to the student, including one for the master supervisor and/or sponsor.

According to the Art. 19c of the “Règlement d’études général” of the Faculty of sciences, a minimum of 20 ECTS must be obtained for the first two semesters of the master. If the student has not successfully obtained them with courses, the master’s thesis supervisor (and the sponsor, if required) can provide a certificate attesting that the student’s work on the master’s thesis is equivalent to at least 20 ECTS for this period. To this end, an official form will be sent to the master’s thesis supervisor at the end of the first year by the Secretariat for students of the Section of Biology.


  • To answer a question related to biology through experimentation and/or data analysis.
  • To become familiar with the practical and theoretical aspects of the scientific process.
  • To acquire experimental/analytical skills through the learning of a large variety of techniques.
  • To learn how to present scientific results in group seminars and in a written form (e.g. master’s thesis).


  • The master’s thesis amounts to 60 ECTS. This corresponds to 45 weeks full-time (without counting holidays).

Program duration
4 semesters
120 ECTS credits

English, French (possibility of following a course 100% in English)

 Application deadline: 30 April 2022
(28 February 2022 for candidates subject to a visa)

Admission only in the fall semester


Tuition fees 
CHF 500.- per semester