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Master's program

  • 1st year: 44 ECTs of courses according to the study plan defined by the chosen orientation and 16 ECTs for a 2-month pre-internship in a research group.
  • 2nd year: 45 weeks of full-time Master's work (not including vacations) for 60 ECTs.

Goals of the Master's project

  • To answer a question related to biology through experimentation and/or data analysis.
  • To become familiar with the practical and theoretical aspects of the scientific process.
  • To acquire experimental/analytical skills through the learning of a large variety of techniques.
  • To learn how to present scientific results in group seminars and in a written form (e.g. master’s thesis).

Program duration
4 semesters
120 ECTS credits

Language: English (except for Physics and Mathematics, where some compulsory courses are in French).

Application deadline:

  • 30 April for holders of a Swiss university baccalaureate.
  • 28 February for all other candidates.

Tuition fees : CHF 500.- per semester

Professional prospects:

  • Fundamental and medical research in universities and public institutions
  • Scientific research and consulting in biotech and pharmaceutical companies
  • Biology teaching in middle school and high school
  • Scientific journalism
  • Scientific consulting in governmental or private organisations which finance research
  • Museums and botanical gardens
  • Ecology-oriented services, etc