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Our general research interests lie in the development and application of optical spectroscopic and microscopic tools to address quantitatively chemical and biological questions at the molecular scale, with an emphasis on single-molecule techniques using smart fluorescence sensors to study biomolecular structure and dynamics. We are interested in understanding and controlling the photophysics of fluorescent probes in order to use them as quantitative local probes of their direct environment. Our routine portfolio of techniques encompasses single-molecule fluorescence spectroscopy and imaging, super-resolution imaging, fluorescence correlation spectroscopy, and fluorescence lifetime measurements in the bulk or at the single-molecule level.



  1. Red-Emitting Fluorophores as Local Water-Sensing Probes
    Jimmy Maillard, Christopher Rumble, and Alexandre Fürstenberg
    J. Phys. Chem. B 2021, 125(34), 9727-9737
  1. Molecular light-upconversion: we have had a problem! When excited state absorption (ESA) overcomes energy transfer upconversion (ETU) in Cr(III)/Er(III) complexes
    Bahman Golesorkhi, Inès Taarit, Helène Bolvin, Homayoun Nozary, Juan-Ramon Jimenez, Céline Besnard, Laure Guénée, Alexandre Fürstenberg, and Claude Piguet
    Dalton Trans. 2021, 50(23), 7955-7968
  1. Universal quenching of common fluorescent probes by water and alcohols
    Jimmy Maillard, Kathrin Klehs, Christopher Rumble, Eric Vauthey, Mike Heilemann, and Alexandre Fürstenberg
    Chem. Sci. 2021, 12(4), 1352-1362
  1. Chiral Functionalization of an Atomically Precise Noble Metal Cluster: Insights into the Origin of Chirality and Photoluminescence
    Kumaranchira Krishnadas, Luca Sementa, Marco Medves, Alessandro Fortunelli, Mauro Stener, Alexandre Fürstenberg, Giovanna Longhi, and Thomas Bürgi
    ACS Nano 2020, 14(8), 9687-9700
  1. Fluorescent Membrane Tension Probes for Super-Resolution Microscopy: Combining Mechanosensitive Cascade Switching with Dynamic-Covalent Ketone Chemistry
    José García-Calvo, Jimmy Maillard, Ina Fureraj, Karolina Strakova, Adai Colom, Vincent Mercier, Aurélien Roux, Eric Vauthey, Naomi Sakai, Alexandre Fürstenberg, and Stefan Matile
    J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2020, 142(28), 12034-12038


October 4, 2021: Léo Koull joined the group as a master student. Welcome Léo!

February 15, 2021: Alix Chazottes joined the group as a visiting student. Welcome Alix!

February 1, 2021: Liza Briant joined the group as a PhD student. Welcome Liza!

October 6, 2020: Congratulations to Jimmy Maillard, laureate of the Syngenta Crop Protection Prize for the best master in biochemistry (2019-2020) from the University of Geneva!