Clément Mazet

After receiving his undergraduate training with the late John A. Osborn (University of Strasbourg, France), Clément Mazet performed his graduate studies under the supervision of Lutz H. Gade in the same University (PhD in 2002). He completed his education with postdoctoral stays in the laboratories of Andreas Pfaltz (University of Basel, Switzerland – 2003-2005) and Eric N. Jacobsen (Harvard University, Cambridge (MA), USA – 2006-2007) as a Marie Curie Fellow#. In November 2007, he joined the University of Geneva (Switzerland) where his independent research program focuses on mechanistic and synthetic chemistry with emphasis on all aspects of selective catalysis. In recognition of his work, he received the Swiss National Foundation Assistant Professorship (2011), the Zasshikai Lectureship Award from the University of Tokyo (2012) and the Werner Prize from the Swiss Chemical Society (2013).

deceased April 23, 2000

now director of the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry at the University of Heidelberg (Germany)

# signed with Thomas R. Ward and the University of Neuchâtel. Tom Ward is now Professor at the University of Basel (Switzerland)