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  1. Multiple simultaneous synthesis of phenolic libraries
    H. V. Meyers, G. J. Dilley, T. L. Durgin, T. S. Powers, N. A. Winssinger, H. Zhu, M. R. Pavia
    Mol. Divers. 1995, 1, 13-20

A series of analogous arrays of small, non-peptidyl, non-oligomeric compounds were synthesized on polystyrene resin. With the aid of a functionally differentiated phenolic scaffold, the batch preparation of unique benzamide and urea resins was accomplished, which were further derivatized in modified 96-well plates. An efficient cleavage reaction of the phenyl benzoate link enabled the isolation of more than 600 phenolic compounds in milligram quantities that were suitable for direct biological screening. The technology described herein represents a facile, economical approach to non-peptidyl chemical diversity.

DOI: 10.1007/BF01715805 

open archive unige:25129