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Publication 139  

  1. Mitochondria-specific photoactivation to monitor local sphingosine metabolism and function
    S. Feng, T. Harayama, S. Montessuit, F. P. A. David, N. Winssinger, J.-C. Martinou, H. Riezman
    eLife 2018, 7, e34555

Photoactivation ('uncaging’) is a powerful approach for releasing bioactive small-molecules in living cells. Current uncaging methods are limited by the random distribution of caged molecules within cells. We have developed a mitochondria-specific photoactivation method, which permitted us to release free sphingosine inside mitochondria and thereafter monitor local sphingosine metabolism by lipidomics. Our results indicate that sphingosine was quickly phosphorylated into sphingosine 1-phosphate (S1P) driven by sphingosine kinases. In time-course studies, the mitochondria-specific uncaged sphingosine demonstrated distinct metabolic patterns compared to globally-released sphingosine, and did not induce calcium spikes. Our data provide direct evidence that sphingolipid metabolism and signaling are highly dependent on the subcellular location and opens up new possibilities to study the effects of lipid localization on signaling and metabolic fate.

DOI: 10.7554/eLife.34555 

open archive unige:103400