The Faculty

A Word from the Dean


The Faculty of Science at the University of Geneva is a place of academic excellence, scientific discovery, and innovation. We are committed to delivering cutting-edge research, quality education, and interdisciplinary collaborations. Our mission is to offer a creative, multicultural, and inclusive academic environment.

Our Faculty brings together curious minds, world-renowned researchers, and passionate students, creating a vibrant community in search of knowledge. Together, we explore a broad spectrum of subjects: the universe's mysteries, the intricacies of nature and life, the transformation of matter, drug design and use, the secrets of numbers and shapes, information use and automation, and our planet's structure, evolution, dynamics, and challenges.

Science has always guided societal progress, inspiring us to dream bigger. We support fundamental research, essential to our cutting-edge scientific expertise, scientific and technological advances, and to deliver the highest level of teaching. Equally, we value the application of science in addressing the societal and cultural challenges we face.

Our Faculty is poised to make significant contributions to society, shaping the next generation of scientists, visionaries, and thinkers. We share the wonders of science not just within our Faculty, but with young enthusiasts and passionate adults in various locations across the city. Our approach is inspired by a vision of science that transcends gender stereotypes and cultural biases!

As Dean, I am firmly committed to preserving and intensifying the excellence of our Faculty. We invest in innovative research and embrace diverse perspectives, providing an environment that nurtures learning, intellectual fulfillment, and equips our students with the tools they need to unlock their full potential in our ever-changing world.

I encourage you to explore our academic programs, exciting research projects, cutting-edge platforms, and collaborative activities. Whether you are a current student, future student, faculty member, alumni member, or simply interested in the world of science, we offer a multitude of opportunities and resources to enrich your experience.

On behalf of the Faculty of Science, we thank you for being part of our scientific community, which we take great pride in. Together, we will continue to push the boundaries of knowledge and contribute to societal progress and sustainable development.

I am looking forward to meeting you in the Faculty of Science buildings!