Thomas Sheldrake

Research Associate

13 rue des Maraîchers, office 704A

022 379 66 97

My Research

My research focuses on applying statistics to a wide range of geological problems.

I am part of a research group trying to understand what processes control the size of volcanic eruptions. This involves analysing the volcanic eruption record and quantifying how eruption size varies between different regions on Earth. The aim of this research is to then combine this analysis of the eruption record with tectonic, geochemical, petrological and numerical modelling observations in a multi-disciplinary approach to identify the key controlling processes.

Another aspect of my research is the statistical analysis of geochemical data. This involves developing a technique to correlate magmatic crystals between different deposits, which can provide insights how the structure of a magmatic system, and magmatic processes, vary spatially as well as temporally within a magmatic reservoir.

Research Interests

  • Frequency-Magnitude relationship for volcanic eruptions
  • Structure of magmatic systems
  • Volcanic hazard and risk
  • Scientific judgement and decision theory

Recent Publications