Who we represent

The body of the intermediate-level teaching and research staff (in French, corps des collaborateur·rices de l'enseignement et de la recherche, CCER) consists in all the teachers and researchers contributing to the mission of the University, and who do not have the title of professor.

It is one of the four bodies that compose the academic community, next to the body of professors, the body of students, and the technical and administrative personnel.

The CCER is also called "intermediate body".

The ACCORDER represents all members of the CCER regardless of their faculty or institute of attachment, and of the origins of the funding that supports their position (DIP/State of Geneva, SNF, self-funding, or other).

The CCER consists in:

- the undergraduate teaching and research assistants (ARE);

- the doctoral assistants (A);

- the post-doctoral researchers (post-doc);

- the senior researchers and lecturers (MA and MER);

- the lecturers (CC and CE);

- the research fellows (CS).