General assembly

In accordance with the statute of the association (art. 8):

1. The General Assembly [hereinafter GA] is the supreme body of the association. It is chaired by a member of the Committee.

2. It shall meet in ordinary session at least once every academic year.

3. At the request of the Committee or of one fifth of the individual members of the association, it may be convened in extraordinary session.

4. The notice of meeting and the agenda of ordinary and extraordinary sessions shall be communicated to the members at least two weeks in advance.

5. The GA is validly constituted when at least three individual members are present.

6. Decisions of the GA shall be taken by a simple majority of the individual members present, except where otherwise provided for in these Statute. They shall relate exclusively to the items on the agenda accepted at the beginning of the meeting. Any member may request that an item be added to the agenda, provided that it is sent to the Committee at least one week in advance and that the Committee informs the members as soon as possible.

7. Only individual members shall have the right to vote and to stand for election.

8. Its tasks and powers shall include all those not expressly assigned to another body, in particular:

- to define the means to be used to achieve the purpose defined in article 2;
- to elect the Committee and the auditors;
- to approve the management report and the accounts presented by the Committee and to grant discharge to the Committee;
- to approve the report of the auditors and give them discharge;
- to fix the amount of any membership fees;
- to decide on the exclusion of a member (art. 6);
- to amend the statute;
- to decide on the dissolution of the association.