The Association


In accordance with the statute of the association (art. 10), the Committee:

1. Consists of at least four individual members and a maximum of eleven individual members including a treasurer, appointed by the General Assembly for one year. The mandates are renewable. In addition, the Committee appoints from among its members the person who chairs the General Assembly and the Assembly of Delegates.

2. In principle, no more than two members of an association may sit on the ACCORDER Committee.v This limit may be exceeded in case of recruitment difficulties within the Committee.

3. Organize itself freely, ensuring a fair rotation of responsibilities.

4. Represents the association with respect to third parties. In this respect, it may designate one or more individual or collective members to represent the association with respect to third parties.

5. Sits validly when at least two of its members are present.

6. Meets as often as necessary, but at least once per academic year.

7. Decisions are made by a simple majority of the members present.

8. Carries out the day-to-day business of the association, including:

- executing the mandates entrusted to it by the GA and the Assembly of Delegates;
- mandating people or associations for the execution of particular tasks.

9. The treasurer is responsible for keeping the accounts. He or she must submit them to the GA.

10. It may invite to one of his meetings, in an advisory capacity, any person or association he deems useful.

11. Regularly informs the members of its activities.

12. Presents an activity report at the ordinary General Assembly.