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Still within the framework of the Swiss national strategy on Open Access, the University must set up a monitoring system of its expenditure related to Open Access, and to scientific publication in general, in order to allow the representatives of the Swiss institutions to have a good overview when it comes to negotiating new national licences.

A second aspect of monitoring concerns the number of publications produced by each institution. However, this task requires less work since there are international databases, each with its strengths and weaknesses, that do this. The Archive ouverte UNIGE also allows for such an approach.

Cost elements for publication

Following the deployment of the University's new system for managing payments, cost elements are gradually being replaced. Further information will follow shortly.


When paying an invoice for costs related to scientific publication, the type of expenditure must be specified in the University's accounting system, SI-Achat, by choosing one of the following cost elements:

  • 3103001  Livre en Open Access - (Open Access Book)
  • 3103002  Livre en Closed Access (traditionnel) - (Closed Access/Traditional Book)
  • 3103103  Article en Open Access - (Open Access Article)
  • 3103104  Article en Closed Access (traditionnel) - (Closed Access/Traditional Article)

The right choice of cost element then makes it easy to identify all the invoices concerned and thus obtain the sum of the expenditure made throughout the institution for scientific publication. Knowing these figures is necessary when negotiating with publishers for contract renewals, for example.