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To apply for support from the publication fund, there are several steps to follow:

  • Check the criteria for the allocation of the fund and see if the fees can be covered more advantageously by another means (SNSF, agreements with publishers, etc.)
  • Request the invoice for the publication costs from the publisher, making sure that "University of Geneva" appears in the recipient's address.
  • Send the unpaid invoice with your request for support by completing the support request form (below).
  • The DIS team will assess your application and send you a decision by email as soon as possible.
  • If publication support is granted, the DIS will process the invoice via the SI-Achat portal.
  • The beneficiary of the funding makes sure that the final version of the publication (Version of Record) is deposited in the repository Archive ouverte UNIGE as soon as it is published online.

Submit your request (Only if an invoice was issued)