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Cardozo Sarli, André

André Cardozo Sarli



André C. Sarli is working on the Swiss National Science Foundation’s project "The participatory capability of children in street situations in Brazil and China" led by Prof. Daniel Stoecklin.  He holds a Master in International Law from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (2017), as well as a Specialisation in International Law by the School of Judges of São Paulo (2015) and a Bachelor in Law by the University of São Paulo (2012). André has experience with leadership and project initiatives and has been accepted by the Brazilian Bar Association (2014.)
His doctoral research focuses on how Brazilian teenagers placed in shelters appropriate technologies, and in doing so, how they perform and translate their children’s rights. This is a Socio-Legal perspective on their rights, based on the premise that upon navigating the digital environment, they are subject to norms, stemming from design, terms of consent and algorithms, on one hand, but also how the socially co-construe those technologies. 
Academic interests 
  • Human rights and human development
  • Children rights
  • International Law
  • Legal Pluralism
  • Otherism and Sociology of Deviation/Exclusion


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