A doctorate in Geneva


The doctorate is an in-depth experience of scientific research that is only meaningful if the doctoral student has an interest in the subject and an aptitude for research. Its success depends on intellectual curiosity, the development of scientific skills and the quality of the supervision that accompanies it.

The doctorate is an expression of creativity. It is based on knowledge that is both established and evolving, and involves the development of original, well-argued ideas and the production of results incorporating innovative elements that may conflict with established knowledge.

The doctorate confers the skills needed to take on demanding professional tasks and duties, and prepares students for research-related professional activities in a university or non-university institution, for the benefit of society, the economy, government, etc.


Doctorates at the University of Geneva

The doctorate is based on an individual research project under the supervision of a professor at the University. A doctorate normally lasts between 6 and 10 semesters. To provide a framework for the relationship between doctoral student and supervisor, the Rectorate adopted a PhD Code in May 2022.

The doctorate is an exciting stage for students, but one during which they may be faced with many doubts. That's why a number of the University's services provide support for doctoral students throughout their docotrate itinerary. The Graduate Campus can welcome doctoral students and help them identify other relevant contacts within the institution. 

As a generalist university, the UNIGE conducts research in a variety of scientific fields spread across its faculties and inter-faculty centres. Candidates for a UNIGE doctorate must hold a Master's degree or a qualification deemed equivalent by the Dean of the host faculty. For each type of doctorate, a faculty regulation specifies the conditions of admission. Prospective doctoral students must also meet the conditions for registration with the University of Geneva.


A Charter of Ethics and Professional Conduct sets out the ethical foundations and guidelines for the University's mission and for research at the institution.

The University of Geneva has also adopted a series of Directives relating to scientific integrity in the field of research and the procedure to be followed in the event of a breach of integrity.



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