Graduate Campus



The Graduate Campus is a structure dedicated to PhD students and postdocs with the following missions:

1. Providing information about the doctoral programme

The Graduate Campus centralises useful information for PhD students and postdocs. It is responsible for grouping together practical information on the doctorate website. The Graduate Campus also works to facilitate communication (LinkedIn) with PhD students and postdocs, as well as between the various departments and PhD students and postdocs. PhD students and postdocs can also request a meeting at the Graduate Campus to discuss any difficulties they have encountered during their doctoral studies.

2. Supporting doctoral training

The Graduate Campus supports doctoral programmes. It also contributes to the implementation of the PhD Code. The Graduate Campus also maintains close links with other national and international centres such as CUSO and LERU.

3. Strengthening the community of young researchers

Since autumn 2023, the Graduate Campus has been organising a PhD students and postdocs' Council to listen to their needs. In addition, the Graduate Campus offers networking events for PhD students and postdocs to strengthen the PhD students and postdocs community. In the same vein, the Graduate Campus regularly offers a Espace Thèse + to enable PhD students and postdocs to get together in the same place to work on a common task: writing.

4. Developing employability after the academy

The Graduate Campus regularly organises digital skills workshops for PhD students and postdocs. Other workshops are currently being prepared (academic English, etc.).The Graduate Campus also supports the transition to the non-academic world of work.