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28 avril 2015: Conférence du professeur Walter Kälin


Conférence publique

Walter Kälin
Professeur de droit à l'Université de Berne
Envoy of the Chairmanship of the Nansen Initiative

Protecting People Displaced by Disasters and Climate Change

Every year around the world, millions of people are forcibly displaced by floods, windstorms, earthquakes or droughts. Many find refuge within their own country but some have to go abroad. In the context of climate change, such movements are likely to increase.
National and international responses to this challenge are insufficient and protection for affected people remains inadequate.

Prof. Walter Kaelin, Envoy of the Chairmanship of the Nansen Initiative will talk about the global situation, and the work of the Nansen Initiative.
Launched in 2012 by Switzerland and Norway, the Nansen Initiative is a state-led consultative process to build consensus on a Protection Agenda addressing the needs of people displaced across borders in the context of disasters and climate change.

Mardi 28 avril à 18h15, Uni Mail
Salle MS 130, Bd du Pont-d'Arve 40, 1205 Genève

Entrée libre
Conférence en anglais sans traduction.




21 avril 2015