Vendredi 28 mai 2021: Madame Rukmini Das

Madame Rukmini Das soutiendra, en vue de l'obtention du grade de docteure en droit, sa thèse intitulée:

« The Use of Scientific Experts in International Disputes »

Vendredi 28 mai 2021 - 14h15.

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The aim of this doctoral thesis is to communicate the results of a study of the involvement of scientific experts in international dispute settlement. The research has aimed to answer the ‘when’ and the ‘how’ of expert use in an international dispute – the situations that would benefit from expert assistance in dispute resolution, and how best these experts may be used in a case for efficient and effective dispute settlement. The latter refers to their mode of appointment, written and oral phases through the dispute, and the assessment of expert evidence. Through a study of existing international legal texts, judicial decisions, and, under the aegis of an SNSF project, conducting interviews of judges, counsel and experts themselves, the thesis concludes with recommendations on best practices that tribunals and parties may refer to, when participating in disputes that involve complex scientific questions. The study has shown the myriad ways in which experts may be involved in a dispute, often depending on the forum in question. However, a consolidated approach of examining practices in different unrelated fora yields a diverse set of recommendations that could be flexibly applied in different contexts.


28 mai 2021