Mardi 23 novembre 2021: Monsieur George Dvaladze

Monsieur George Dvaladze soutiendra, en vue de l'obtention du grade de docteur en droit, sa thèse intitulée:

« Equality and Non-discrimination in Armed Conflict »

Mardi 23 novembre 2021 - 9h00.

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Discrimination is among the most pressing humanitarian issues that arise in all types of armed conflicts and at different spheres of warfare – be it in the treatment of persons in the power of a Party to an armed conflict or in the conduct of hostilities. International law applicable to such situations, in particular international humanitarian law and international human rights law, include important safeguards against such practices. The four Geneva Conventions of 1949 and their Additional Protocols of 1977, as well as the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights are only a few among the many instruments that contain several complementary guarantees of equality and non-discrimination; non-discrimination is also considered to be part of customary law and a general principle of international law.

The PhD thesis examines the legal framework to clarify the applicability and scope of relevant rules, as well as their interplay in armed conflict. It also looks at the notions of discrimination, adverse distinction and equality, and their constitutive elements as shaped out by the State practice, jurisprudence of international courts and tribunals and legal scholarship, in order to provide clear legal parameters to draw the line between prohibited discrimination and other differentiations that may be lawful or even required by international law.

23 novembre 2021