Pricing plans for Higher Education Institutions in Geneva

The Yareta Data Repository adheres to the FAIR principles for research data management, aligning with the requirements set by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) and Horizon 2020 for archiving and long-term preservation of research data.

We offer two billing options for archiving your research data. Please select the option that best meets your requirements

  • OPTION 1 – Annual billing by Terabyte: 100 CHF/TB/Year

  • OPTION 2 – One-time billing by Terabyte (Pay once forever): 2’000 CHF/TB

If your research data was generated as part of a Swiss National Science Foundation(SNSF)-funded research project, we recommend selecting option 2 "Pay once forever" as it is the only option eligible for funding from the SNSF.

With Yareta, storage of data volumes under 50 GB per organizational unit is free of charge. For larger volumes exceeding 50 GB per organizational unit, storage is billed in 1 TB increments. Your data is automatically stored in two copies at both the Uni Dufour and Biotech sites.


Annual billing

One-time billing

< 50 GB 0 CHF 0 CHF
From 50 GB to 1TB
100 CHF  2000 CHF
In increments of 1 TB
+100 CHF +2000 CHF


It is widely acknowledged that the cost of storage is consistently declining. The Option 2 pricing plan is based on a 20-year retention period, which should be adequate to secure permanent storage of the data archives without incurring additional expenses, given the forcasted reduction in storage costs.