Why Geneva?

Swiss European Mobility Program

Unfortunately, we will no longer be able to fund incoming internships from July 1, 2023 under the Swiss-European Mobility Programme (SEMP).

In the framework of the Swiss European Mobility Program (SEMP), the federal government, through Movetia, makes it possible and provides funding for EU students to participate in internships at the University of Geneva


Conditions of participation :     

  • The Academic Exchange Office only provides financing for the internship. The prospective intern must identify a UNIGE researcher who is willing to supervise his or her research. This request may also be made directly by the UNIGE professor who would be supervising the intern during the internship / research.
  • This internship must be recognized by the home University (either by the granting of ECTS credits or by being mentioned in the diploma supplement or transcript of studies).
  • The academic supervisor must be able to ensure that the University will recognize the internship (exchange coordinator, programme director, academic advisor, dean).
  • The duration of the internship must be a minimum of 2 full months, and the maximum is 12 months.
  • A tripartite internship agreement beetween UNIGE, the host unit, and the student must be submitted to the Academic Exchange Office at least three months before the beginning of the internship
  • The internship must start on the first day of the month.


Grant / Financing
The financing offered by Movetia is CHF 440.- per month. All financing from Movetia is subject to complete an accurate documentation.


Once the agreement has been submitted, the student will receive from the Academic Exchange Office a personalized email message with an access code and a link permitting him or her to register online for the internship.

Please note that if you come from a French institution and live in France, we will not be able to pay you a scholarship.