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UNIGE Saturdays
Jump into the water!
Open House at Institute F.-A. Forel
Saturday, September 22 from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.
official part and drinks at 4 p.m.

How to get there?
Institut Forel, 10 route Suisse, Versoix
Accès :
By train, stop station Versoix
By bus, bus V, stop "Entrée-Versoix"
By car. Attention, there is no possibility to park in the grounds of the Institute.
By boat, on the line Genève-St-Gingolph, stop Versoix. Consult the timetable of the CGN

F.-A. Forel Institute activities include research and teaching in the fields of natural and environmental sciences. Come alone or with your family to discover scientific research, discuss with researchers and visit the laboratories of aquatic ecotoxicology, microbiology, nanoparticles or environmental radioactivity. Young children can put themselves in scientist shoes in aquatic ecotoxicology, participate in workshops on prehistoric archeology, and attempt to purify water or take samples of lake sediments.

conference Water sustainability :
think globally, act locally

Tuesday, September 25 at 6.30 p.m.
Uni Dufour

Janet Hering is the director of Eawag – a world-class research institute in the field of water and water systems - and Professor at the Polytechnics of Lausanne and Zurich. Society faces a challenge to meet human needs for water usage, while maintaining the ability of aquatic environments to provide basic ecological services. To make sound decisions, it is necessary to adopt an integrated approach to the management of aquatic environments, an approach that takes consequences of human activity on the aquatic environment into consideration and safeguards healthy ecosystem functioning.

visits and conferences "Les seiches du Léman"
Thursday, September 27
from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Musée d'histoire des sciences,
Parc de la Perle du Lac

Throughout his research life, F.-A. Forel studied the water movements in Lake Geneva including "seiches", using measuring instruments and recorders called limnigraphs. The Museum of History of Science and the Institute F.-A. Forel present the gauges of Forel’s time. Scientific presentations will be alternated with visits of the present lake level measurement station. The session will end with an apéritif.

Free admission to all events

CouvArchive des sciences
A special issue dedicated to

Autumn 2012
in the Journal
"Archives des Sciences"

Autumn 2012 : Publication of a special issue "F.-A. FOREL" in journal "Archives des Sciences".

The Society of Physics and Natural History of Geneva (SPHN), founded in 1790, supports this event by editing a special issue in this multidisciplinary scientific journal "Archives des Sciences" (Volume 65, 2012). Several articles will be devoted to the work of F.-A. Forel. They will be complemented by original scientific contributions.

The 100th anniversary of the passing of Forel is also commemorated by a special session

A special session dedicated to F.-A. Forel as part of the annual conference in geosciences "Swiss Geoscience Meeting", sponsored by the Swiss Commission for Oceanography and Limnology (COL). November 17th in Bern