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Ahidoba de Franchi Mandscheff

Ahidoba de Franchi

Head of Quality


Uni Pignon, 708


+41 (0)22 379 77 87



With nearly twenty years’ experience in university-level continuing education, Ahidoba has been Head of Quality for the Centre for Continuing and Distance Education since 2016.

Her approach to quality management is based on quality culture. She is responsible for managing various aspects of procedures, guidelines, standards and accreditations, as well as with the final beneficiaries of continuing education programmes and lifelong learning (i.e. professionals and society as a whole).

Recently, she has focused her work on the quality of distance learning and the notion of transferring learning and skills into professional practice.

She is also responsible for producing the annual figures of the University of Geneva's continuing education activities and managing programme management tools.

Of Swiss and Italian origin born in Peru with a Beninese first name and having had the chance to discover many countries, she considers herself a citizen of the world and brings an element of interculturalism and interprofessionalism to her practice.

Ahidoba holds a degree in Sociology from the University of Geneva and a master’s in Statistics from the University of Neuchâtel.