Departments and Units

The Department of Translation

The Department of Translation is divided into six units, which correspond to the active languages taught at the Faculty: German, English, Arabic, Spanish, French and Italian. Each unit offers courses in translation from multiple passive languages (see the lists of language combinations for the BA and the MA programmes).

The Department offers the following degree programmes:

Within the BA and the MA in Translation programmes, students have the opportunity to study the following the following subjects: translation (including specialised translation), translation studies, active and passive languages (targeted training which prepares students for jobs in the multilingual communication market), intercultural communication, specialised communication, specialised topics (law and economics). Most of the other courses are provided by the Department of Translation Technology (TIM).

The MA in Translation is part of the EMT (European Master’s in Translation) network, which is coordinated by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Translation (DGT).

The curriculum fulfils both academic and professional objectives. The practical experience of our teachers, the internship opportunities available to our students and the Department’s contribution to the continuing education programmes offered by the Faculty all contribute to maintaining a close link between the Faculty and the relevant professional milieus.

There are numerous exchange agreements in place which facilitate student mobility. During the second year of the BA programme, students spend at least one semester at another university.

The Department supervises doctoral students and conducts research in translation studies (in various areas and from multiple perspectives) and in multilingual communication management.

Heads of department: Prof. Mathilde FONTANET and Prof. Alexander KÜNZLI

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