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Koritchenko Elena


Before joining the University of Geneva, Elena Koritchenko studied geography and environmental management at the Moscow State University (MSc in territorial development and optimization) and obtained a degree of Master in environmental science, policy and Management from the Central European University (Budapest, Hungary) / International Institute for industrial and Environmental economics (Lund, Sweden).
After completing the Masters degree she worked as a consultant, auditor and compliance officer in state and private companies supervising implementation of international environmental and social standards and policies in collaboration with IFC, EBRD, OECD and national authorities.

Elena Koritchenko is the Doctoral Candidate (CANDOC) involved in the REORIENT (Regional Orders in International Environmental Politics) project supervised by Prof.Jorg Balsiger.


Elena’s research is focused on regional environmental governance with the case studies originating from the Eastern Europe. This part of the world is influenced by various trends and traditions in terms of approaches to policy making in general and to environmental governance in particular. It is therefore interesting and important to determine and assess institutional processes and responses to pluri-regionality which is one of the realities determining environmental governance here. 


Axes de recherche

Regional environmental governance;
International environmental standards and agreements;
Institutional cooperation;
Eastern Europe and CIS countries.

Mme. Elena Koritchenko



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