Knowledge & Publications

The GSEM maintains a list of top-tier journals whose articles are regarded as top publications. The list of journals includes:

  • Financial Times (FT50) journals;

  • Rank 1 journals of the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) ranking;

  • Rated 4 journals of the UK Association of Business School (ABS) rankings;

  • Rank A* journals of the Australian Business Deans Council (ABDC);

  • Rank A journals of the German Verband der Hochschullehrer für Betriebswirtschaft (VHB)

In order to promote interdisciplinarity, publications in journals recognized in disciplines outside of the GSEM will be examined and may also be considered “Top Publications”.





De Giorgi, G., & Naguib, C. Life after (soft) default. 2024. European Economic Review, 167, Article 104793.

Katovich, E. S., 2024. Winning and losing the resource lottery: Governance after uncertain oil discoveries. Journal of Development Economics, 166, Article 103204.

Laurent-Lucchetti, J., Rohner, D., & Thoenig, M. 2024. Ethnic conflict and the informational dividend of democracy. Journal of the European Economic Association, 22(1), 73–116.



Bocquet, R., Cotterlaz-Rannard, G., & Ferrary, M. 2024. How Do Prestigious Universities Remain at the Summit: A Bourdieusian View of their Business Models. British Journal of Management.

Fischer, T., Dietz, J., & Antonakis, J. 2024. A fatal flaw: Positive leadership style research creates causal illusions. The Leadership Quarterly, 35(3), Article 101771.

Raisch, S. & Fomina, K. 2024. Combining Human and Artificial Intelligence: Hybrid Problem Solving in Organizations. Academy of Management Review.

Schrempf-Stirling, J., & Van Buren, H. J. 2024. The Importance of Human Rights for Management and Organization Studies. British Journal of Management.

Vives-Gabriel, J., Schrempf-Stirling, J., & Coraiola, D. M. 2024. Dealing with Organizational Legacies of Irresponsibility. Academy of Management Perspectives.

Ziano, I., & Polman, E. 2024. Prototypes of Victims of Workplace Harassment. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin.


Guerrier, S., Kuzmics, C., & Victoria-Feser, M.-P. 2024. Assessing COVID-19 Prevalence in Austria with Infection Surveys and Case Count Data as Auxiliary Information. Journal of the American Statistical Association.



Ardia, D., Barras, L., Gagliardini, P., & Scaillet, O. 2024. Is it alpha or beta? Decomposing hedge fund returns when models are misspecified. Journal of Financial Economics, 154, Article 103805.

Dautović, E., Hau, H., & Huang, Y. 2024. Consumption Response to Minimum Wages: Evidence from Chinese Households. The Review of Economics and Statistics.

Lombard, E., & Gibson Brandon, R. N. 2024. Do wealth managers understand codes of conduct and their ethical dilemmas? Lessons from an online survey.  Journal of Business Ethics, 189, 553–572.

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Orłowski, P., Schneider, P., & Trojani, F. 2024. On the nature of (jump) skewness risk premia. Management Science, 70(2), 671–1342.





Beltramo, T. P., Calvi, R., De Giorgi, G., & Sarr, I. 2023. Child poverty among refugees. World Development, 171, Article 106340.

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Fischer, T. 2023. Measuring behaviors counterfactually. The Leadership Quarterly, 34(6). Article 101750.

Fischer, T., Hambrick D. C., Sajons G. B., & van Quaquebeke N. 2023. Leadership science beyond questionnaires. The Leadership Quarterly, 34(6), Article 101752.

Fischer, T., & Sitkin, S. B. 2023. Leadership styles: A comprehensive assessment and way forward. Academy of Management Annals, 17(1).

Krakowski, S., Luger, J., & Raisch, S. 2023. Artificial intelligence and the changing sources of competitive advantage. Strategic Management Journal, 44(6), 1425–1452.

Kunisch, S., Denyer, D., Bartunek, J. M., Menz, M., & Cardinal, L. B. 2023. Review research as scientific inquiry. Organizational Research Methods, 26(1), 3–45.

Langan, R., Krause, R., & Menz, M. 2023. Executive board chairs: Examining the performance consequences of a corporate governance hybrid. Journal of Management, 49(7), 2218–2253.

Schrempf-Stirling, J., & Wettstein, F. 2023. The mutual reinforcement of hard and soft regulation. Academy of Management Perspectives, 37(1).

Tatarinov, K., Ambos, T. C., & Chang, F. T. 2023. Scaling digital solutions for wicked problems: Ecosystem versatility. Journal of International Business Studies, 54(4), 631–656.

Tippmann, E., Ambos, T. C., Del Giudice, M., Monaghan, S., & Ringove, D. 2023. Scale-ups and scaling in an international business context. Journal of World Business, 58(1), Article 101397.

Vié, M.-S., Zufferey, N., & Minner, S. 2023. A matheuristic for tactical locomotive and driver scheduling for the Swiss national railway company SBB Cargo AG. OR Spectrum45, 11131151.

Wang, D., & Ziano, I. 2023. Give Me a Straight Answer: Response Ambiguity Diminishes Likability. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin.

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Information Systems

Zakeri, S., Chatterjee, P., Cheikhrouhou, N., & Konstantas, D. (2022). Ranking based on optimal points and win-loss-draw multi-criteria decision-making with application to supplier evaluation problem. Expert Systems with Applications, 191, Article 116258.




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Information Systems

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