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Kimberly Frohreich holds a BA in Modern Literature from the University of California at Santa Cruz, a BA in French and English, an MA in English, an MA in Secondary Education, and a PhD from the University of Geneva. Her thesis, entitled "American Fantasies of Race," examines the ways in which the figure of the monster allegorizes and (de)constructs race. She worked as an American Literature Teaching Assistant (2009-2015) at the University of Geneva and a Chargée de Cours (2011, 2013) at the University of Lausanne, and has taught English at CECG Madame-de-Staël since 2016.

Her research interests include Posthumanism, Critical Race Theory, Monster Studies, Gender Criticism, Animal Studies, Vegan Literary Studies, Intermedial Studies, and Narratology. 

Selected publications / Sélection de publications

“Sullied Blood, Semen, and Skin: Vampires and the Specter of Miscegenation” in Open Graves, Open Minds: Vampires and the Undead in Modern Culture, eds. Sam George and Bill Hughes, (Gothic Studies) 15 (Manchester University Press, 2013), 33-43.

“On District 9: The Alien as Racial Other” in Depicting Cultural Diversity in the English-Speaking World,eds. Renée Dickason and Rüdiger Ahrens (Coll. Anglo-American Studies, Peter Lang,   2013), 101-16.

“Making the ‘Monstrous’ Visible? Reading ‘Difference’ in Contemporary Fantastic Film and Television” in The Visual Culture of Modernism, eds. Deborah L. Madsen and Mario Klarer, (SPELL, Swiss Papers in English Language and Literature) 26 (Gunter Narr Verlag, 2011), 239-53.

Research Scholarships / Bourses de recherche

Fonds National Suisse : Conférence Scientifique "Approaching Posthumanism and the Posthuman" 2015

Fonds National Suisse : Doc.Mobility 2014

American Literature