John Pote

Dr John Pote

Senior lecturer

+41 22 379 03 21


Interdisciplinary research on various fields such as:

  • Identification and evaluation of potential impacts of organic and inorganic pollutants including micropollutants, antibiotics, heavy metals, PCBs, HAPs, and pathogenic organisms in aquatic environment.
  • Fate and risk of genetically modified plants in the environment (release, transport and transformability of transgenic DNA to soil and aquatic bacteria); microbial characteristics and functionality in terrestrial and aquatic environments
  • Characterization 16S and 18S of prokaryotic and eukaryotic communities on sediment profiles for evaluation of climate change.


Since 2004 Scientist Research in Microbial Ecology and Environmental Biotechnology. University of Geneva, Forel Institute
2000 – 2004 Assistant at University of Geneva. Institut Forel
1995 – 1998 Assistant at University of Bangui/RCA
1991 – 1995 Assistant at Université de Kinshasa/Isp Wembonyama


Contribution for teaching of Master in environmental sciences University of Geneva and Ecole Lémanique des Sciences de la terre et de l’Environnement (UniGE, UniL, EPFL):

  • Geology of Wastes (35 h)
  • Contaminated and Hazardous Waste Site Management Course (20 h)
  • Soil and Microbial Ecology (30 h)
  • Seminary for Environmental and Ecosystem Modelling (20 h)
  • Interdisciplinary courses “Atelier 3” (first semester 6 to 8h/week)


  • Supervision and co-direction of Ph.D thesis and Master diploma dissertations
  • Responsible of microbiology laboratory and clean-room
  • Responsible of ICP-MS trace element analysis
  • Responsible for chemical and biological safety
  • Project consulting on solid waste and waste water management and treatment


2004 – 2006 PostDoc. University of Geneva/Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1. Laboratory of Microbial Ecology.
2005 Certificate on biosecurity. University of Geneva.
2000 – 2004 Ph.D (Interdisciplinary orientation) Faculty of Sciences University of Geneva. (Prof. Walter Wildi) & WSL EPFL Lausanne (Dr Walter Roselli).
Title of the thesis (in french): "Devenir de l’ADN d’origine végétale dans les compartiments environnementaux : analyse systémique, rémanence et transport de l’ADN transgénique dans le sol".
2000 – 2002 DEA Microbial Ecology and molecular biology. Laboratory of Microbial Ecology. Université Lyon 1 (Profs. Tim Vogel and Pascal Simonet).
1999 European Master biotechnology (EPFL/Oxford Brookes University/Universitat politècnica de catalunya).
1998 – 1999 Post-grades degree in Environmental biotechnology. Swiss Federal Institute of technology Lausanne (Prof Paul Péringer).
1984 – 1991 Bachelor degree in sciences. Université de Kinshasa, RDC.