Ongoing projects

Collaborations between the Department F.-A. Forel for environmental and aquatic sciences and South Universities

Management and treatment of water and
Contaminated sites and bio-remediation

After a first action in the year 2014, teaching staff from the Institute Forel has once more joined the National Pedagogic University (UPN) and the University of Kinshasa ( UNIKIN ) in the Democratic Republic of Congo for a two weeks seminar (6 to 17 June 2016) on theoretical and practical environmental science; the teaching was primarily meant for  students of the 3rd cycle and 2nd degree in environmental sciences, chemistry and biology. Furthermore, other people benefited from these teachings, namely Master and PHD students working under supervision of the Geneva University, staff members of the water authority, as well as other offices of the city of Kinshasa.


Lixiviate sampling at the waste dump of Celembao (Kinshasa)

What a pleasure to teach so many committed students, keen on knowledge and know-how on environmental issues! In two phases of one week each, John Poté , Walter Wildi and Amandine Laffite taught ex-cathedra lectures and group exercises, conducted experiments on surveying and collecting of water, waste water and soil, laboratory analysis and presentation of the results. The professors Joshua Mubedi, Crispin Mulaji and Pius Mpiana were in charge of the organization.

Teaching is particularly successful when field observation and the physic-chemical and bacteriological laboratory evidence validate a theoretical course. After two weeks, the diagnosis has become clear: the establishment and maintenance of a healthy environment in large African cities is impossible without a strict management of the waste stream and without the establishment and monitoring of a drinking water network.

The educational collaboration and research conducted as part of a formal agreement between the three universities and funded by the National Fund is currently a success. Education and environmental science research has taken off: At the University of Geneva as well as at the Universities of Kinshasa, competent teams are in place and collaborate with enthusiasm, as highlighted by  a considerable number of scientific publications. The action will be financed until 2018. Furthermore, beyond the purely academic work, a development project through a remediation action is being considered with the support of the Swiss Embassy in Kinshasa.


Ambiance: studying a waste dump in Kinshasa