Addeo Alfredo

Prof. Alfredo Addeo

Consultant Oncologist , Tumor immunology and immunotherapy


I completed my training in Italy as Medical oncologist, I spend nearly 4 years working in a lab in Turin assessing possible cellular immunity in cancer and lack of responses (dendritic cell and IL-18 binding protein, mainly in pancreatic cancer). I worked as Consultant Oncologist in Italy for 4 years and then moved to UK to take on a role in Lincoln first and then Bristol University Hospital as Consultant (mainly working on thoracic malignancies). I am deeply interested in translational research (ctDNA amd now predictive, prognostic biomarkes of response to immunotherapy). I moved to Geneva in 2017 and since then tried to work on biomarkers and opening trails in thoracic malignancies.

My main interest has been predictive and prognostic biomarker for immunotherapy in NSCLC. In the last years, I published a few papers on the role of inflammatory circulating biomarkers that could impact on efficacy of immunotherapy. I have several ongoing projects to further assess the role of circulating inflammatory biomarkers (neutrophil/lymphocyte ratio, ISS and LIPI).


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