SmartLab: monitoring of lab activities goes digital

In autumn 2020, the Faculty of Medicine launched the SmartLab project, which aims to deploy an electronic tool for monitoring research activities in its laboratories.  The paper notepads generally used by research teams can thus be replaced by digital tools that facilitate both daily life and compliance with the legal traceability requirements governing research. These "Electronic Laboratory Notebooks" or "Laboratory Information Management Systems" have indeed many advantages:

  • internal search engines that enable all kinds of information to be found quickly and efficiently
  • information sharing within the laboratory
  • sample traceability tools
  • ease of implementation of the SNSF's data management plan
  • standardisation of procedures within the Faculty of Medicine in order to guarantee consistent quality

Following evaluations by a working group and tests carried out by pilot laboratories in the Fundamental and Clinical Medicine Sections, UNIGE chose Eppendorf's eLAB JOURNAL.

After an initial test phase on a larger scale, the tool will be extended to all laboratories of the Faculty of Medicine that request it.


Tool specifications

The tool selected to meet the needs of UNIGE laboratories, eLAB JOURNAL, has several advantages:

  • a functional interface for an easy-to-use tool
  • a highly adaptable tool that can meet the specific needs of a large number of laboratories
  • a widely developed "Electronic Laboratory Notebook" that offers extended possibilities for the traceability of experiments.
  • a mobile application (Android and iOS) to facilitate data accessibility

Coralie Fournier, who is in charge of the project on behalf of the Dean's Office of the Faculty of Medicine, is available to researchers for any questions or requests for information, to advise and train teams, and to support the implementation of this new tool.


A financial contribution is requested from laboratories wishing to implement the system. This includes system licensing, training, as well as support and maintenance.


* Priority will be given to current RSpace users as well as to laboratories that took part in the pilot phase in 2020.

A process for ordering and paying licenses will be in place via the PPMS system by summer 2022. Detailed information will be communicated in due time.


A help desk for eLabNext system will be held every two weeks, on Thursdays between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. in room B04.1525.a.

Please refer to the calendar for exact dates.


General training  for newcomers will take place quarterly.

Thank you for registering via the link below, specifying the desired date when sending.