24 septembre 2015: Prof. Vincent Mooser

Jeudi 24 septembre 2015, 12h30
CMU - A250


Prof. Vincent MOOSER
Faculté de biologie et de médecine, UNIL
Chef du Service de biomédecine et du département des laboratoire, CHUV

«Role of Biobanks in the Virtuous Cycle of Medicine 2.0 »

Technology, in particular IT and genomics, is rapidly impacting the way we will practice medicine, i.e. Medicine 2.0. Huge amounts of personal data are getting generated, which need to be converted into information and knowledge. To close the loop, i.e. for this knowledge to tangibly impact health and benefit the society and the patients, requires access to a source of high-quality samples (i.e. a biobank) and proper clinical trials. In this lecture, the structure put in place in CHUV/UNIL, at the interface with the other Lemanic actors HUG/UNIGE/EPFL to participate in the construction of the future of medicine, will be presented.


Vincent Mooser, MD is board certified in internal medicine and trained in clinical and experimental pharmacology and in molecular genetics of lipid disorders. He joined CHUV/UNIL in 2011, after a 10-year position within GlaxoSmithKline R&D in Philadelphia. He co-founded the CoLaus study, and is the principal investigator of the Lausanne Institutional Biobank and the Swiss Biobanking Platform. His major objective is to build up and exploit innovative infrastructures to catalize clinical research and bring innovation to benefit the society and the patients.