9 novembre 2017: Prof. Hester den Ruijter

Jeudi 9 novembre 2017
12h30, CMU - C150

Associate Professor of Experimental Cardiology
University Medical Center Utrecht, the Netherlands

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«The impact of sex and gender in cardiovascular research»

Men and women are not the same, differences in hormones and sex chromosomes are evident. But how do these differences impact cardiovascular diseases? In this lecture, Dr Hester den Ruijter will underscore the pathophysiological differences between men and women and discuss how these affect clinical outcome.

Host: Brenda Kwak
Département de pathologie et immunologie, UNIGE



Hester den Ruijter (PhD) is a translational scientist at the Laboratory of Experimental Cardiology in the UMC Utrecht. Her research focusses on sex differences in cardiovascular diseases. She has been trained in fundamental research as well as in clinical epidemiology. Currently, she coordinates the Dutch Heart Foundation funded consortium Queen of Hearts, a consortium that works on biomarker discovery - a clinical test - to improve the diagnosis of cardiovascular disease in women. One of our challenges is how to involve stakeholders in the process of  translating fundamental knowledge to the patient. Next to her scientific career, she values the communication towards our society and she is an active member of Women Inc, an organization that raises national awareness that important sex differences in medical research and care are currently neglected.

9 nov. 2017

Frontiers in biomedicine