Research groups

Roberta RONCHI

Mme Roberta RONCHI

Senior Post Doctoral Researcher

H8-03 162.177 (Campus Biotech)
+41 22 379 5311

Research Statement

I am a neuropsychologist researcher, and my main interest is the study of cognitive deficits following right-brain damage. In particular, my main research investigation is focused on different characteristics of unilateral spatial neglect following right brain damage, including productive symptoms, and new assessment and rehabilitative tools to better evaluate and restore neuropsychological symptoms. In Patrik Vuilleumier’s lab, I am currently carrying out a project to better understand and treat the presence of unawareness for neurological illness (anosognosia) in patients with and without unilateral spatial neglect, combining behavioural, lesional and electrophysiological measures. Finally, I am also investigating different bodily disorders, such as personal neglect and somatoparaphrenia.


Research Expertise

  •  Neuropsychological evaluation of brain-damaged patients
  •  Rehabilitation research protocols for brain-damaged patients
  •  Developing experimental studies on brain-damaged populations (combining behavioural and neuroimaging data)
  •  Lesion mapping and analyses techniques (using MRIcroN, NPM, SPM softwares)
  •  Multisensory stimulation (including intero-exteroceptive integration)
  •  tDCS


Selected Publications:

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