The Department of cell physiology and metabolism is also always looking for motivated master students, PhD students and postdoctoral fellows.



Please contact the researcher indicated on the offer or the researcher in charge of any group you are interested in.

Supplementary information about masters at the University of Geneva: here

The Obesity, Liver Metabolic Disorders and Cancer Laboratory is looking for a Master student to investigate the role of an actor involved in liver-pancreas communication in the context of obesity and type 2 diabetes. The proposed project will combine cellular and histological approaches.

Project duration: 2 to 4 months

Project start: possibility of starting immediately



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   The primary track is to postulate to the doctoral school in life sciences.


Alternatively, you can apply to one of the offers below, but your application would have to be validated by the doctoral school (please refer to their conditions).


The laboratory of Prof. Nicolas DEMAUREX is looking for a PhD student to study the role of mechanosensitive PIEZO1 channels in phagocytosis. The project on which you will embark will use a range of biophysical and cellular imaging approaches.

Project start: immediate start possible


Download the offer in pdf




The laboratories of Prof. Anne-Claude GAVINand Prof. Nathalie REUTER are looking for a postdoctoral candidate to join a high-profile research project, “Life at the periphery: the workings of proteins at the surface of cell and organelle membranes”, investigating how lipid transporters, e.g. lipid-transfer proteins function at the surface of biological membranes.

Project start: to be agreed upon, ideally in the fall of 2023


Download the offer in pdf



Additional job offers from Faculty of Medicine can be found here