Terms of Access and Prices

Each project using animals should be accepted by the competent authorities.

Before being submitted to the authorities, each project must have been discussed with the scientists responsible for the platform to ensure feasibility. Acceptability of the animal health status will be studied at that time.

/!\  Isoflurane is not provided by the core facility. Don't forget to bring your own with you! 
You can order it from vetsupport(at)unige.ch.


Usage fees of PIPPA equipment

The equipment usage will be billed per hour. The usage time includes the preparation time of the animals (anaesthesia, injection, positioning).

Note that these fees are for the users from the Faculty of Medicine or Pharmaceutical Sciences. Other users will be charged twice the indicated fees, corresponding to the direct cost.




 The PET/SPECT/CT usage will be billed per slot (4 hours). A slot includes the preparation time of the animals (anaesthesia, injection, positioning).



how to request an access to the facility?

The PIPPA facility is within the BATLab which access is regulated by HUG policies. Furthermore the facility itself is a restricted area due to radiation safety.

To access you will need a HUG badge, and an authorisation provided by the radiation safety officer (Didier Colin).

HUG has requested that we limit the number of authorisations. Therefore, we aim at providing one access per research group, preferably to a PI or to a permanent staff.



* Be aware that you will have to provide the following documents :

  • Valid identity card or passeport
  • Work permit for foreign workers
  • Working contract
  • Curriculum vitae
  • ID picture (no selfie please)