What we do

Our aim is to produce any protein for a dedicated application. The protein can be used for biochemical experiments, for structural investigations and used as an antigen for antibody production.

Proteins are can be expressed in bacteria, insect cells (Sf9) and mammalian cells

Single-step purification generally gives a 90% pure protein (His-tag, GST-tag, STREP-tag)

Several additional purification steps can be applied

  • Ion exchange chromatography
  • Tag removal
  • Size-exclusion chromatography

We can provide DNA vectors for protein expression in different hosts and with various tags

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This core facility produces any recombinant proteins

Proteins can be produced from bacteria, insect cells (Sf9) and eventually from mammalian cells

We perform biochemical characterization of proteins and help identify protein-protein interaction sites using the innovative HDX-MS methodology

The platform also offers advice for protein cloning, expression and purification and can eventually provide access to specialized instruments (AKTA, incubators)