How to proceed for sample submission

1. Contact the Proteomics Core Facility

If you are planning to use our services, please contact us at an early stage (strongly recommended for new users). Indeed according to your needs, we can then advise on the best way to prepare your samples. We recommend also reading our FAQ.

If you have already used our services and consider your sample suitable for MS analysis, you can directly proceed to point 2.


2. Fill in the sample submission form

Please download our sample submission form, fill it carefully and bring it with your sample or send it back to us by email. Please provide as much information as you can and add any other relevant file (image of the gel, sequence of the protein of interest, etc...)


3. Drop-off or send your sample

You can bring the sample to the facility each working day between 9:00 and 16:00 (it’s recommended to contact us before to ensure somebody will be available when you arrive or if you want to bring your samples at a different time).

You can also send your samples at -20°C. or under dry ice, but it’s mandatory to contact us before.