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EWASS 2014 : European Week of Astronomy and Space Science

EWASS 2014 : Conference Announcement

The European Astronomical Society (EAS) is pleased to announce you the conference EWASS 2014 to be held for the first time in Geneva from 30 June to 4 July 2014.

The program of EWASS 2014 is very rich with 10 symposia, 4 special sessions, 3 special meetings in addition of numerous plenary talks, prize awards, exhibitions, etc.


  1. Star formation in galaxies: from small to large scales
  2. The outer regions of extrasolar planetary systems
  3. Gaia Research for European Astronomy Training: GREAT network science symposium
  4. Origin of Cosmic Dust
  5. Digging deep into the extragalactic infrared sky: current status and the European road to the JWST
  6. From local galaxies to the reionisation epoch: the Universe as seen in Lyman a
  7. Fast outflows in massive stars: from single objects to wind-fed and colliding-wind binaries
  8. Testable solutions to the dark matter problem: theory & observations
  9. Exploring the low-frequency radio sky in the SKA era
  10. mm/submm astronomy in the ALMA era

Special Sessions

  1. What powers anomalous X-ray pulsars and soft gamma-ray repeaters ?
  2. Helios and Helium: what is wrong with them ?
  3. Tidal disruption events around Sgr A* and beyond
  4. Cluster lensing and distant sources

Special Meetings

  1. ASTRONET meeting
  2. Myths and facts about women in astronomy
  3. Inter-, multi-and transdisciplinarity in astronomical education

30 juin 2014
  Colloques et Conférences