May 2024 - Sophie wins a presentation prize


April 2024 - 1PhD and 1postdoc position available

  • Please see the "Open positions" page.


March 2024 - NEw publication

Screenshot 2024-03-20 at 09.58.47.png


January 2024 - Giada wins a presentation prize

  • Congratulations to Giada for winning a prize for the "Best Life Science presentation" at the annual Geneva Chemistry and Biochemistry Days conference (held at UNIGE). Sponsored by Life Science Switzerland.


DECEMBER 2023 - !! Cécile graduates !!

  • Congratulations to the first PhD researcher of the group, Cécile, who has now graduated with a PhD in Chemistry. Good luck in your future endeavors!


November 2023 - NEw publication

  • Congratulations to the team (in particular Cécile and Nevena (MPI Bremen)) on our recent publication, where we disrupted nitrogenase's highly conserved mononuclear metal-binding site between the two αβ halves of nitrogenase's α2β2 hetero-tetrameric MoFe protein. The 1.55 Å X-ray crystal structure confirms the loss of metal at this site. Interestingly, most of the properties of the MoFe protein remain unchanged in vitro. However, protein-mediated protection against O2 deactivation may be affected, implying longe-range conformational changes may be regulated by this MMB. More work needed!


September 2023 - NEw publication

  • Congratulations to the team (especially Semihan, BERCO2) and our collaborators on our recent publication, where we report electroenzymatic CO2 reduction to formate using the fascinating enzyme formylmethanofuran dehydrogenase. On electrode surfaces, this enzyme strongly favors the reductive reaction!


May 2023 - NEw publication

  • Congratulations to the team (especially Cécile) and our collaborators on our recent publication, where we show that both halves of nitrogenase's MoFe protein are not required for N2 fixation (in vitro).



12/01/2023 - welcome to stefanie birneder

  • Welcome to Stefanie BIRNEDER who joins us for a bachelor internship from TUMunich.



12/01/2023 - welcome to ENZO Vigny

  • Welcome to Enzo VIGNY, who will undertake a MSc Internship (2 months) in the group!


12/01/2023 - NEw publication

  • Congratulations to the team (especially Yongpeng and Sophie) on our recent publication, where we report a simple and accessible single-step electrode preparation procedure for [FeFe]-hydrogenase electrochemistry. We observed very high stability and electrocatalytic activity for H2 formation under mild conditions. 


29/11/2022 - End of year fondue

  • We celebrated the end of 2022 with a nice group fondue!
  • 20221129_124759.jpg



02/06/2022 - WELCOME TO this summer's masters students

  • We are looking forward to working with (L to R) Clara LAMBERT (MSc internship), Danielle SEDOH (MSc internship and thesis), Flaela KALEMI (MSc internship and thesis) and Lirim DABIQAJ (MSc internship) - photo below




01/09/2021 - WELCOME TO new members

  • Welcome to the new members of the group:
    • Magali CISSOKHO - Administrative Assistant
    • Dr Yongpeng LIU - Visiting scholar
    • Dr Plinio MARONI - Senior Scientist
    • Théo PERSONENI - MSc Internship (ENS Lyon)
    • Daniel RATCLIFF - PhD student
    • Dr Selmihan SAHIN - Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellow
    • Olivier VASSALLI - Technician
    • Sophie WEBB - PhD student


01/08/2021 - Welcome to amogh

  • We're pleased to welcome Dr Amogh KULKARNI as a postdoctoral scholar!


05/05/2021 - Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellow

  • We're pleased to have Selmihan SAHIN joining us as a MSC fellow this September!


02/05/2021 - MSc internship

  • We're looking forward to welcoming Léa DI LUZIO as a Master's intern this summer!


01/05/2021 - New phd students

  • We're looking forward to welcoming Sophie WEBB to the group as a new PhD student, starting September '21. We're also thrilled that Daniel RATCLIFF is staying with us for his PhD studies!


30/04/2021 - NCCR Catalysis

  • We're pleased to join the new NCCR Catalysis as an associated research group!NCCR_Catalysis.png


04/03/2021 - NEW PUBLICATION

  • Congratulations to the team on our recent publication, where we report on techniques to follow electroenzymatically generated hydrogen (by hydrogenase). Rotating ring disk electrochemistry can efficiently detect hydrogen produced at the disk electrode. Further, online mass spectrometry is capable of simultaneously following the formation of molecular hydrogen (H2), deuterium hydride (HD) and molecular deuterium (D2), permitting the determination of kinetic isotope effects.





06/10/2020 - we're hiring

  • We have an opening for a PhD student within the group. Please see the "Open Positions" page.


01/10/2020 - New phd students

  • We are pleased to welcome two new PhD students to the group: Giada BEDENDI and Alexandre JOLLY!


14/09/2020 - New apprentice

  • Welcome to Darren MARTIN, our new apprentice!


07/07/2020 - MSc internships

  • We are pleased to welcome Daniel RATCLIFF and Robin NUSSBAUM to the group for MSc Internships!


30/03/2020 - PhD positions available

  • We currently have two openings for PhD students within the group. Further information can be on our "OPEN POSITIONS" page.
  • Application deadline April 27th 2020


12/03/2020 - review accepted


28/11/2019 - Our Gloveboxes have arrived!


15/11/2019 - Review accepted


01/11/2019 - NEW TEAM MEMBER

  • Our first PhD researcher (Cécile CADOUX) has now joined the group! Welcome, Cécile!


20/09/2019 - PAGES UPDATED

  • Take a look at our Team, Research, Publications and Teaching pages.
  • The first PhD researcher of the group will be arriving on November 1st. Details to follow shortly!


01/09/2019 - WELCOME

  • The Milton Group is up and running - watch this space!