Selected key publications 1987-2008

Supramolecular Lanthanide Probe

Predictions, Synthetic Strategy, and Isolation of a Linear Tetrametallic Triple-stranded Lanthanide Helicate Zeckert K., Hamacek J., Senegas J.-M., Dalla-Favera N., Floquet S., Bernardinelli G,* Piguet C.,* Angew Chem. Int. Ed. 44, 7954-7958 (2005).  

The Origin of the Surprising Stabilities of Highly Charged Self-Assembled Polymetallic Complexes in Solution Canard G, Piguet C.* Inorg. Chem., Vol. 46, No. 9, 2007, 3511-3522.

Symmetry Numbers and Statistical Factors in Self-Assembly and Multivalency Ercolani G.,* Piguet C., Borkovec M., Hamacek J,. J. Phys. Chem. B 2007, 111, 12195-12203.

Tuneable Intramolecular Intermetallic Interactions as a New Tool for Programming Linear Heterometallic 4f-4f Complexes Dalla-Favera N., Hamacek J.,* Borkovec M., Jeannerat D., Ercolani G., Piguet C.,* Inorganic Chemistry, Vol. 46, No. 22, 2007

Linear Polynuclear Helicates as a Link between Discrete Supramolecular Complexes and Programmed Infinite Polymetallic Chains Dalla-Favera N., Hamacek J.,* Borkovec M., Jeannerat D., Gumy F., Bünzli J.-C. G. Ercolani G., Piguet C.,* Chem. Eur. J. 2008, 14, 2994 – 3005.

Supramolecular Thermodynamics

A Simple Thermodynamic Model for Quantitatively Addressing Cooperativity in Multicomponent Self-assembly Processes. Part 1: Theoretical Concepts and Application to Monometallic Coordination Complexes and Bimetallic Helicates Possessing Identical Binding Sites  Hamacek J,* Borkovec M., Piguet C.* Chem. Eur. J. 11, 5217-5226 (2005).

A Simple Thermodynamic Model for Quantitatively Addressing Cooperativity in Multicomponent Self-assembly Processes. Part 2: Extension to Multimetallic Helicates Possessing Different Binding Sites  Hamacek J,* Borkovec M., Piguet C.*  Chem. Eur. J. 11, 5227-5237 (2005).  

Non-covalent Lanthanide Podates

Towards Inert and Preorganized d-Block-Containing Receptors for Trivalent Lanthanides: The Synthesis and Characterization of Triple-Helical Monometallic Os(II) and Bimetallic Os(II)-Ln(III) Complexes Riis-Johannessen T.,* Dupont N., Canard G., Bernardinelli G., Hauser A., Piguet C.* Dalton Trans., 2008, 3661–3677

Tuning the Decay Time of Lanthanide-Based Near Infrared Luminescence from Micro- to Milliseconds through d to f Energy Transfer in Discrete Heterobimetallic Complexes  Torelli S., Imbert D., Cantuel M., Bernardinelli G., Delahaye S., Hauser A., Bünzli J.-C. G.,* Piguet C.,*. Chem. Eur. J. 11, 3228-3242 (2005).

Encapsulation of Labile Trivalent Lanthanides into a Homobimetallic Chromium(III)-containing Triple-stranded Helicate. Synthesis, Characterization, and Divergent Intramolecular Energy Transfers Cantuel C., Gumy F., Bünzli J.-C. G.,* Piguet C.,* Dalton Trans. 2647-2660 (2006).

Covalent Lanthanide Podates

A Novel Extended Covalent Tripod for Assembling Nine-co-ordinate Lanthanide(III) Podates: the Rational Design of a Single Conformer    Koeller S., Bernardinelli G., Bocquet B., Piguet C.*   Dalton Trans. 2395-2404 (2003).

Effective Concentration as a Tool for Quantitatively Addressing Preorganization in Multicomponent Assemblies: Application to the Selective Complexation of Lanthanide Cations Canard G., Koeller S., Bernardinelli G., Piguet C.* J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2008, 130, 1025-1040.

Magnetism and NMR Spectroscopy

A Justification for Using NMR model-free Methods when Investigating the Solution Structures of Rhombic Paramagnetic Lanthanide Compelxes.  Terazzi E, Rivera J.-P., Ouali N., Piguet C.* Magn. Reson. Chem. 44, 539-552 (2006).

Liquid Crystals

Thermodynamics of Dimerization in Solution as a Rational Tool for Inducing Nematic vs Smectic Organizations in Lanthanidomesogens Jensen T. B., Terazzi E., Donnio B., Guillon D., Piguet C.* Chem. Commun., 2008, 181–183

Rational Tuning of Melting Entropies for Designing Luminescent Lanthanide-Containing Thermotropic Liquid Crystals at Room Temperature Escande E., Guénée L., Nozary H., Bernardinelli G., Gumy F., Aebischer A., Bünzli J.-C. G., Donnio B., Guillon D., Piguet C.* Chem. Eur. J. 2007, 13, 8696 – 8713.

Molecular Control of Macroscopic Cubic, Columnar and Lamellar Organizations in Luminescent Lanthanide-containing Thermotropic Liquid Crystals. Terazzi E., Torelli S., Bernardinelli G., Rivera J.-P., Bénech J.-M., Bourgogne C., Donnio B., Guillon D., Imbert D., Bünzli J.-C. G., Pinto A., Jeannerat D., Piguet C.* J. Am. Chem. Soc. 127, 888-903 (2005).

Tuning the Polarization Along Linear Polyaromatic Strands for Rationally Inducing Mesomorphism in Lanthanide Nitrate Complexes  Terazzi E.;, Guénée L., Morgantini P.-Y., Bernardinelli G., Donnio B., Guillon D., Piguet C.* Chem. Eur. J. 2007, 13, 1674 – 1691

Non-covalent Lanthanide Cryptates

Structure, Formation, and Dynamics of Mo12 and Mo16 Oxothiomolybdnemum Rings Containing Terephtalate Derivatives Lemonnier J.-F., Floquet S.,* Marrot J., Terazzi E., Piguet C., Lesot P., Pinto A., Cadot E.*

Host-Guest Adaptability Within Oxothiomolybdenum Wheels: Structures, Studies in Solution and DFT Calculations Lemonnier J.-F., Floquet S.,* Kachmar A., Rohmer M.-M., Bénard M., Marrot J., Terazzi E., Piguet C., Cadot E.*


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