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Publication 158  

  1. Smartphone DNA or RNA-Sensing Using Semisynthetic Luciferase-Based Logic Device
    D. Chang, K. T. Kim, E. Lindberg, N. Winssinger
    ACS Sens. 2020, 5, 807-813

Detection of specific oligonucleotide sequences is central to numerous applications and technologies amenable to point-of-care diagnostics or end users are needed. Here we report a technology making use of a bioluminescent readout and smartphone quantification. The sensor is a semisynthetic luciferase (H-Luc-PNA conju-gate) that is turned on by a strand-displacement reaction. We demonstrated sensing of three different microRNAs (miRs), as representative cancer biomarker, and demonstrate the possibility to integrate an AND gate to sense two sequences simultaneously.

DOI: 10.1021/acssensors.9b02454 

open archive unige:132816