Postdoctoral positions in cosmology are available:

starting in fall 2020:

starting in fall 2020 or earlier: 

A phd position is available: 

starting in fall 2020 or earlier: 



We welcome applications from highly qualified applicants seeking to hold external fellowships with us. These can be very competitive and we encourage applicants to submit internal applications to the department first, which will undergo a pre-selection. The internal deadlines vary with the fellowship, please enquire with a faculty member closest to your area of interest for further detail.

An internal application consists of a CV (including details of references), an up-to-date publication list, and a preliminary version of your research proposal.

A partial list of fellowships that can be held in our department follows below. This list is not exhaustive, if there are other national or international fellowships you would like to propose being hosted here, please get in touch.


FNS Eccellenza 

1 Feb 2020

Internal: 2 December 2019

FNS Ambizione

1 November 2019

Internal: 15 October 2019


1 November 2019

Internal: 30 September 2019

European Research Council

Marie CurieERC starting grant.