Massimo Chiaradia

Senior Lecturer

Rue des Maraîchers 13, Office B44

022 379 66 34

My Research


I investigate reservoir interactions and their timing in different spheres of the Earth’s system including atmosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere and the Earth’s crust. In particular during the last years I have developed a strong interest in the associations among geodynamic setting, petrogenesis of magmas and the formation of porphyry-type deposits at convergent margins. I also work on technical developments in the field of lead isotope analyses of whole rocks and on ore minerals dating using Pb-Pb stepwise leaching and Re-Os techniques. Recently I have started to work on the application of unconventional stable isotopes (Cl, Cu, Zn, Fe) to the petrogenesis of arc magmas and to track environmental changes.

Current Research Directions

  • Relationships between arc magma chemistry, geodynamics and genesis of porphyry-type deposits.
  • Rates of magmatic processes and their influence on the genesis of prophyry-type deposits.
  • Petrogenesis of andesites and implications for crustal growth.
  • Cu and Zn isotope compositions of magmatic rocks and volcanic fumaroles.
  • Various projects in collaboration with researchers of the Section of Earth and Environmental Sciences of Geneva, University of Padova and UNIL on petrogenesis of magmatic rocks and Sr isotope stratigraphy.

Currently Funded Projects

As Main applicant

  • Cycling of chalcophile metals in subduction zones (Project N. 200021_169032/1)
  • A scientific method for establishing the origin of gold (Innosuisse Project)

As Co-applicant

  • Establishing stable IRON isotopes of laminated LAKE sediments as novel palaeoclimate proxy (IRONLAKE) (Project N. 200021_166308).
  • Climate history of the Indo-Pacific region and subsurface biosphere of Lake Towuti: The Swiss contribution to the ICDP Towuti Drilling Project (research part) (Project N. 200021_153053).


Past funded projects


Recent Publications

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Bachelor courses

Pétrologie Magmatique 1


Cours et TP (2ème année)

Géologie Générale 1


TP (1ère année)

Géologie Générale 2


TP (1ère année)

Géochimie isotopique 1


participation (2ème année)

Géochimie isotopique 2


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Gîtes métallifères II


participation (3ème année)

Méthodes analytiques


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Master courses

Module "Stable and radiogenic isotope geochemistry"

Main responsible

"Advanced ore deposits I/II"


Central Master Course


International courses

Invited instructor at the “XVII, XVIII, and XXII, international Courses of Metallogeny” (Quito, Ecuador) sponsored by UNESCO (1998, 1999, 2003, 2014)

International Coordinator of the “XXVI international post-graduate Course of Metallogeny” (Mexico City, 2007)

Invited instructor at the XIII Peruvian Geological Congress (Lima, September 2008): Short course on radiogenic isotopes and their applications in ore geology

Invited instructor in the short-course “Gold-Rich porphyry systems”, XI SGA Biennial Meeting, Antofagasta, Chile, 24-25/09/2011

Invited instructor in the short-course "Metallogeny of South America", SEG Conference, Lima, 21-22 September 2012

Fieldtrips organized


Ore Deposits of MEXICO (January 2009)

Grande Excursion (Master + PhD students)