Joël Ruch

Assistant Professor

Office 604A


My Research

I am deeply interested in the interaction between volcanism, faulting and tectonics. These so called volcano-tectonic processes are responsible for shaping volcanoes and rift zones worldwide, controlling the propagation of magma through fracture zones up to the Earth's surface. These processes are also associated with recurrent volcanic activity over decades and centuries, involving both tectonic and magmatic timescales. Understanding these processes are critical to estimate when and where a volcano will erupt. A key point of my research is to integrate short and long-term volcano deformation processes using different techniques, such as satellite imagery, structural geology, drone mapping and analogue modeling. I am leading the Volcano Tectonic Laboratory group and develop projects with two PhD students in Hawaii and in Iceland.


Ongoing Projects

  • TEMPO project “Revealing volcano-tectonic processes by integrating multi-spatial and temporal deformation analysis”. Professorship and project funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF), starting in July 2018.
  • Southern Red Sea project studying the relation between seismic activity and rifting processes in shaping divergent plate boundaries in the Southern Red Sea, Afar and Gulf of Aden (SAGA) region. Collaboration with the KAUST University.
  • Structural processes of caldera collapse and relation between surface deformation and magmatic source activity using analogue experiment. Collaboration with the KAUST University.




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Book chapter


Ruch, J. & D. Tedesco. One year after the Nyiragongo volcano alert: evolution of the communication between Goma inhabitants (populations), scientists and local authorities. Know Risk, United Nations press, p. 376, 2005.




Xu, W., J. Ruch, S. Jónsson: Research highlights paper in NPG press release: Birth and development of two volcanic islands. Nature, vol. 552, June 2015; Outreach in several international newspapers (e.g., El Pais, Lavanguardia, Smithonian magazine), 2015.


Invitation and logistics of the multimedia exhibition "Walking Through Time" part of the “On the Trail of the Glaciers” project from the landscape photographer Fabiano Ventura with the participation of Paolo Scoppola. Winter Enrichment Program on climate change, KAUST University, Saudi Arabia, 2016.


Ruch, J., KAUST interview: Team monitors ground movements during volcano eruption in Iceland.


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Bárðarbunga rifting event in central Iceland (2014-2015).

The Bárðarbunga eruption in October 2014 (central Iceland)